Rebooting Democracy

Fed up with all of this?

Yet another bad choice has been made in our name. That might be why you are here.

A set of representatives that you get only a minimal say in choosing have made a decision based on their party ideology or their funders' wishes. You don't get to see the biases they have, the evidence they looked at or any of the reasoning. If you question any of this then people tell you to write an X on a piece of paper in 5 years' time.

Rebooting Democracy is party who will move to a true democratic system where random selection (sortition) and deliberation are central. These randomly selected groups listen to evidence and make decisions based on this evidence. It is truly people governing themselves with evidence based policies. You may have heard about Citizens' Assemblies which are a certain form of this process.

To get to this position we will be standing candidates for all seats in the next set of council elections and then all seats in the parliamentary elections. We would like people to volunteer to help spread the word about these ideas, to stand as councillors and MPs and to help us run the organisation.

Why not read up about this party, why it is different then stand up and help make good decisions for all of us.

Got more questions? Like the concept and want to be kept informed? Want to jump in? Get in contact